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nth Dimention Cube Renderer

What is this ?

Rendering variations of the cube in multiple dimentions, using a custom high-perf vanilla-JS matrix library.

I tried my best to document the source code (src directory) as well a possible.

Link to the Daniel Shiffman's video that inspired me to do this: The Coding Train - Coding Challenge #113: 4D Hypercube.

Live Demo here! (it runs in your browser).

Running this locally

Run this command in your desired folder (git required):

git clone

Or download it from the GitHub page directly.

Then open docs\index.html in a modern browser (tested on Firefox, Chrome and Chrome mobile).

Development with node.js:

  • npm install to install the needed development dependencies.
  • npm run start and visit localhost:8080 in your browser.
  • npm run dev to watch and compile changes you make automatically.

About the 10 dimensions limitation

The live demo renders up to 10 dimensions because of performance limitations (things get laggy with 1024 vertices on a CanvasRenderingContext2D!), but there is no theoretical limitation to how far you can go. To render more than 10 dimensions, change the max clamp value in line 173 of src\scripts\controls.js!


I could create an object pool for the matrices (JS memory heap graph is very spikey) but that would make the code a lot less readable, and the framerate hits 60 fps consistently on all tested devices for dimensions less than 6, so I'm not really bothered by it.


Renderer and custom matrix library for mutli-dimensional cubes




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