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Commits on Dec 5, 2011
  1. @luislavena

    visibility=hidden should not be used for Windows

    luislavena committed
    While GCC 4.x supports the usage of -fvisibility=hidden and the related
    pragmas, usage of it under MinGW is a noop and should not be used.
    Instead, __declspec(dllexport/dllimport) should be used instead to
    indicate exportable functions.
    Since Ninja builds a static library, no functions are exported and
    visibility, at least under MinGW, is not an issue.
  2. @luislavena

    Use g++'s -static option instead of specific libs

    luislavena committed
    MinGW g++ recognizes -static as option to avoid the need to specify
    individual libraries to be statically linked into the executable.
    It also solves the warning of -static-libstdc++ not being recorgnized by
    GCC 4.5.2 (TDM build)
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