Editor Schemes not getting downloaded on Windows #1180

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I'm on Windows 8. It wasn't possible to download schemes (nor plugins).
I have tested both Windows installer, and running from source code.

On http://ninja-ide.org/schemes/api/ the urls are missing website link ie
instead of

Possible solution:
either change http://ninja-ide.org/schemes/api/ to return full url
or in themes_manager.py change

def _download_scheme_thread(self):
    for d in self.downloadItems:
        self.download(d[1], resources.EDITOR_SKINS)


def _download_scheme_thread(self):
    for d in self.downloadItems:
        self.download('http://ninja-ide.org' + d[1], resources.EDITOR_SKINS)

(Obviously without http: hardcoded but I couln't find website constant in the code base easily.)

This code worked for me so I could install the schemes. Not sure whether it wouldn't break something on Linux or Mac though....


This is a "issue" in the ninja-ide.org site, we are working on it. We dont need a patch in the ninja-ide source code.
I close it because is duplicate of #1146
thanks for the feedback!

@malderete malderete closed this Mar 28, 2013
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