Translate NINJA IDE

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Translate Ninja IDE

Translate NINJA-IDE to your language is really simple, you only need to edit the proper .tz file (Qt Translation file - xml structure). Let's see how:

  • You need to install Qt Linguist to translate the dictionary of words. You can find a step by step guide:
  • Download the ".tz" file (coming soon)
  • Edit the translation dictionary with Qt Linguist
  • Send us the translated file to be included in NINJA-IDE or propose a branch with this, so everyone can enjoy NINJA-IDE in their native language right away!

In Summary:

You just need to get "Qt Linguist", open the translation file there, write the proper string to be match for your language (the ui is really intuitive), and you are done!

Proposing a Branch with a Translation

To propose a branch with the new translated file, you need to fork this repository:

Create a new folder with your language, place the translated file in there and send the Pull Request! :D

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