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Anki Dynamic Configurable Templates

This is Anki dynamic configurable note template(facebook color style) with below feture:

  1. configurable checkbox to load and save configuration
  2. js helper function to autoplay OTF(on the fly media) online audio
  3. js helper function to hide/display hint section
  4. js helper function to help customize content and highlight tag
  5. version detection and update.

Template Usage

  • You can click checkbox on head section to change option. That will be effective during one review session(iOS/Desktop version only)

  • You can change these options on note template's style section by true/false setting. That will be effective on all card's lifecycle.
    //audio autoplay    = false; 

    //hide or display hint section
    config.fold     = true;  
    //other config might be added
    config.example  = false;  
  • You can click notes/sentences section head(blue) to hide and display section content.

Template Preview

  • Status with hidden notes/sentences section on/off, audio autoplay on/off and example of definition on/off.

  • Display hint section and show version update information at head section

This Template was inspired by ecator

Anki Static Templates

5 pre-built anki static templates(CSS), including 4 English templates & 1 Chinese template.

  • English Template
    • BLue Color
    • RGB 3 Colors
    • Template
    • Dict Helper Template
  • Chinese Template
    • Zdict Chinese Template

Anki 笔记/卡片模板


  • 英语模板
    • 蓝色模板
    • 三色模板
    • vocabulary.com模板
    • 划词制卡助手模板
  • 汉语模板
    • 汉语汉典模板

Template Preview(模板预览)

  • English Blue/RBG Template(英语蓝色/三色模板)

English Blue Template English RGB Template

  • English Template(英语vocab配色模板)

English Template

  • English Anki Dict Helper Template(英语Anki划词助手模板)

English Dict Helper Template English Dict Helper Template

  • Chinese Zdict Template(汉语汉典模板)

Chinese Zdict Template


Anki Note Template






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