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Ninja Blocks driver to interface with Z-Wave devices
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Ninja Blocks driver to interface with Z-Wave devices. Requires libNBComms to be installed.

Steps to Install Z-Wave driver (Linux)

Install udev library and headers

This library is compiled with Open Z-Wave to access the udev database and query sysfs. 82kB download, 475kB installed. (ubuntu)

sudo apt-get install libudev-dev

Compile Z-Wave library

(<client> is /opt/ninja for the Ninja Block)

cd <client>/drivers/ninja-zwave/lib/open-zwave/cpp/build/linux/

Compile executable that uses Z-Wave library (ninjaZW)

cd <client>/drivers/ninja-zwave/lib/open-zwave/cpp/examples/linux/NinjaZW

Enable ninja-zwave driver

vim <client>/driver/ninja-zwave/index.js

Set enabled to true (using “i”) “const enabled = true;” Save “:w” Quit “:q”

Restart ninjablock process

sudo restart ninjablock

The client runs ninja-zwave driver javascript files which in turn spawns the ninjaZW executable. ninjaZW uses the Z-Wave library to subscribe to power readings and relay them to ninja-zwave driver.

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