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Ruby Ninja Blocks

A simple library to help interacting with the Ninja Blocks Platform.

API Overview


# Fetch a user's profile anyformation 

# Fetch a user's activity stream

# Fetch a user's pusher channel


# Fetch a user's devices, a hash map of guid => metadata

# Send `command` to device `guid`
device.actuate(guid, command)

# Subscribe to a device's data feed. Ninja Blocks will POST the requested
# device's data to the `url` provided here.
# Optionally `overwrite`s an existing callback `url`
device.subscribe(guid, url)

# Unubscribe from a device's data feed.

# Fetch any historical data about this device. Optionally specify the period's `start` and `end` timestamp., start, end)

# Fetch the last heartbeat received by this device.

This is by no means exhaustive, and more functionality will be forthcoming.