Win32 based password manager written in c++
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Win32 base password manager written in C++.

Download the PassManager.exe to see it in action. A data file is automatically created in the location of the .exe when the program is run.

Example Image 1 Example Image 2

DO NOT use this program to actually store passwords and sensitive information. It currently has no encryption method. Add a secure and tested encryption method if you plan to actually use this for something besides learning and testing

Build Instructions

  • Only 1 external library is used and it's included in the source files
  • Nothing complicated
  • Link with the ws2_32 library (Should come default on every windows computer).
  • Change your compliers search directories so it looks in every subfolder in the src folder
  • If you forget the master password, delete the Data.lfd file located in the same directory as the exe. This will delete all saved passwords and data)


  • Passwords are stored in displayed in a Label+Password format, where label is a username or description of the password.
  • Add and delete passwords
  • Change into and out of edit mode to avoid editing a password field by mistake
  • Included is a NOTES file that contains information about some of the specifics of the program