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Guess what! You're a lousy friend and now you owe someone a favor bigtime!

Your friend, whom you owe this significant favor to, flies in and out of town on a highly unreliable airline. The flights are always late, and never by an easily estimated time.

Airport helps solve that problem by calculating the average time that each flight was off schedule. This program can accomodate for infinite numbers of flights, all with various times. The end result will be an approximate calculation of how off this airline's flights are so that you can plan when to leave the house. The end result isn't a guaranteed result, but it should put you in the ballpark of a reasonable expectation of your friend's arrival at the airport.

The program originated from the time_until_challenge.md and then taken to the next level.

This airport program has multiple versions, all which work. They are:

  1. THE SUPERNASTY AIRPORT VERSION (airport.rb): The behemoth of code. This is a solid working piece of code, but there is much repetition involved.

  2. THE LESS NASTY AIRPORT VERSION (military_airport.rb) Not only refactored, but refactored into MULTIPLE FILES!