Docker image for F# with mono and .NET Core toolchains
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Docker image for F# with mono and .NET Core toolchains

Basic use

To simply get an F# interactive prompt run:

docker run dcurylo/fsharp-mono-netcore

To use the SDK rather than launching F# interactive, append bash at the end of the command to start the shell instead.

To mount the current directory within the container so that build artifacts remain after exit:

docker run -v `pwd`:/root/src --rm -it dcurylo/fsharp-mono-netcore bash

When run as shown above, a new project generated within the container's /src directory will exist in the host.

cd src
dotnet new console -lang F# -n hello
cd hello
dotnet build

After running the above commands and exiting, the newly generated project and build output remains in the working directory on the host.

Targeting multiple frameworks

Creating a new project and targeting multiple frameworks can be done since the FrameworkPathOverride environment variable is set in this image. This makes the mono framework available to the .NET Core build toolchain.

# Generate the project
dotnet new console -lang F# -n hello
cd hello
# Modify the target framework element for multitargeting
sed -i 's#<TargetFramework>netcoreapp2.0</TargetFramework>#<TargetFrameworks>netcoreapp2.0;net462</TargetFrameworks>#g' hello.fsproj
# build for both frameworks
dotnet build


  hello -> /root/src/hello/bin/Debug/net462/hello.exe
  hello -> /root/src/hello/bin/Debug/netcoreapp2.0/hello.dll

Using the paket image

Given a project directory already exists in a "hello" directory under the current working directory, you can initialize that project with paket within the paket image.

docker run -v `pwd`/hello:/root/src/hello dcurylo/paket init

Any typical paket options can be passed to the container directly, since paket is the entrypoint for this image.