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Lipsum without all the copy+paste nonsense
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Dimsum generates lorem ipsum text. You can use it in your Node.js and web projects.

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With npm, just run:

npm install dimsum@0.1

Or grab the source from GitHub, and pull it into your own project.

Dimsum in two lines

var dimsum = require('dimsum');
dimsum(); // => 'Impedit ex veniam doloribus possimus quod laudantium...'

You can configure Dimsum to return HTML, too:

dimsum.configure({ format: 'html' });
dimsum(); // => '<p>Reiciendis fugit fuga ut placeat officiis nostrud...'

You can tell Dimsum exactly how much text you want:


In-browser replacement

Dimsum can also inject lorem ipsum into your static HTML! Just include the library and add tokens to your HTML:

<script src="/js/dimsum.js"></script>

Dimsum will replace the token with one paragraph of HTML-formatted lorem ipsum. If you want more, just ask:



Dimsum contains classic "latin" and "jabberwocky" flavors. Switching between them is easy:

dimsum.configure({ flavor: 'jabberwocky' });
dimsum() // => 'Frabjous snicker-snack to son brillig, took vorpal...'

You can even add your own flavors. Larger blocks of text work best:

dimsum.flavor('outerspace', 'This is not science fiction. This is a sober \
, realistic presentation prepared by leading scientists. I have found this \
statement so informative and interesting that I wish to share it with all the \
people of America, and indeed with all the people of the earth. I hope that it \
can be widely disseminated by all news media for it clarifies many aspects of \
space and space technology in a way which can be helpful to all people as the \
United States proceeds with its peaceful program in space science and exploration. \
Every person has the opportunity to share through understanding in the adventures \
which lie ahead.');

dimsum.configure({ flavor: 'outerspace' });
dimsum() // => Science clarifies every to realistic for news...



// One unformatted paragraph of lorem ipsum

// Three unformatted paragraphs of lorem ipsum

// Three HTML-formatted paragraphs of lorem ipsum
dimsum(3, { format: 'html' });

// Two unformatted sentences of lorem ipsum

// Always use HTML
dimsum.configure({ format: 'html' });

// Always use Jabberwocky
dimsum.configure({ flavor: 'jabberwocky' });

// Get a list of available flavors

// Add a new flavor
dimsum.flavor( 'key', 'a large body of text' );


<!-- Replace with one paragraph of lorem ipsum -->

<!-- Replace with three paragraphs of lorem ipsum -->

<!-- Replace with four sentences of lorem ipsum -->


Dimsum is licensed under the MIT License. Feel free to use it however you like.

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