Filter configurations

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In the previous examples you have already seen that a filter can be configured by adding one or more With statements to the binding configuration. But some times it is necessary to have different configurations for different actions. In this case it’s possible to get the configuration value from an attribute of the action or controller. The next example shows all new With overloads that come with the MVC3 extension.

[Log(LogLevel = Level.Debug)]
void Index() {}
this.BindFilter<LogFilter>(FilterScope.Controller, 0)
          attribute => attribute.LogLevel);
// For property injection WithPropertyValueFromControllerAttribute instead
this.BindFilter<LogFilter>(FilterScope.Action, 0)
          attribute => attribute.LogLevel);
// For property injection WithPropertyValueFromActionAttribute instead
this.BindFilter<LogFilter>(FilterScope.Action, 0)
          (context, controllerContext, actionDescriptor) =>
               actionDescriptor.ActionName == "Index" ? Level.Info : Level.Warn);

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