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Ninject Wiki Contents


Dependency Injection walkthrough

Missing pages

It’s a wiki, contributions are welcome…

  • TODO Link to MVC3 wiki
  • Nuget walkthrough
  • TODO Glossary/domain model/pattern language
  • TODO link to rest of Remo Gloor’s stuff
  • Source layout and reading the tests instructions
  • TODO Optional Bindings and Null Object Pattern is currently not part of the walk through. Were to link to it? New section?
  • TODO pull out bindings article
  • TODO document Open Generics support
  • TODO Provide map on each page
  • TODO mine SO questions for missing documentation pages, e.g. talk about Disposal and/or how to use that with UnitOfWork stuff like NHibernate
  • TODO index of blog posts on other sites which would make good topics for this documentation set (even if some porting would be involved)
  • TODO integrate to the Ninject wiki
  • TODO write Conventions documentation – “In Progress – Remo Gloor”
  • TODO write Ninject.Web.Common documentation – “In Progress – Remo Gloor”

What do you need?

If there’s something missing from the documentation roadmap, or if you’d settle for a single article on X instead of all the above, just edit in a request here!