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Project Fission - A website generator
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Project Fission

Project Fission is a personal website creation tool.

Quickstart Guide

Requires pandoc and python.

In your bash shell ( on macOS) enter the following:

git clone
cd ./fission;

This will create a local copy of the Project Fission code and install the required dependencies.

Open and edit the config.yml file using an editor of your choice. nano is suggested for those who aren't familiar with command-line editors.

cd fission;
open config.yml; #alternatively: nano config.yml;

Fill in the form with your own personal details. You can replace the default icon, i.e. pencil with any other icon on by replacing the icon name.

Here's how my personal yaml.config looks:

  $FIRST$: Nishant
  $LAST$: Jha
  $TITLE$: MS in CS Candidate at the University of Virginia
  $BIO$: I am a computer scientist with a solid background in the Physical, Social, and Life Sciences. I enjoy writing about the potential impact of revolutionary technology on society as well as working at the intersection of biological research and computer science.
  - $TITLE$: Project Fission
    $ICON$: files-o
    $BLURB$: Project Fission is a website generator! Simply edit 1 text file and Fission will create a full-fledged website. It generates easy-to-edit html files so you have full control over your newly minted website.
  - $TITLE$: Allergen Guru
    $ICON$: stethoscope
    $BLURB$: Allergen Guru is an Android and iOS containing structural information on allergens listed on the WHO/IUIS Allergen nomenclature database, along with 3D structures and unique search features, which will make Guru an essential tool for allergen researchers.

After filling in yaml.config, run the script.


Lastly, replace the blank profile picture and resume with your own copies.

mv /path/to/profile.jpg ./images/profile.jpg
mv /path/to/resume.pdf ./resume.pdf

Congratulations! You now have your own personal website! Open it up and check it out!

open index.html

Produced by Nishant Jha.

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