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BioNLP Shared Task 2013 Supporting Resources

For the BioNLP Shared Task (ST) 2013 the organisers and third-parties provided the participants with a set of supporting resources in the form of syntatic parsers and other commonly used pre-processing methods used for state-of-the-art Information Extraction (IE) systems. This repository contains the pipeline used to produce the syntactic analyses provided by the organisers.

The pipeline provides syntactic analyses from:

And provides their outputs in the following formats:

  • Penn Treebank-style constituency parses (.ptb)
  • CoNNL-X-style dependency parses (.connlx)
  • Stanford-style vanilla (.sdep) and collapsed (.sdepcc) dependency parses

In addition to the above formats the output is also provided split into sentences (.ss) using the Genia Sentence Splitter (GeniaSS) and tokenised (.tok) using a tokenisation script mimicking the tokenisation used by the Genia Treebank (GTB).

For details regarding all supporting resourges, please see the BioNLP ST 2013 supporting resources homepage.


The pipeline largely mimics the one used for BioNLP ST 2011. We assume that you are running some sort of *NIX-based operating system. In the case of the Enju parser the source code is not publicly available and you will thus most likely have to download a different binary from the Enju homepage if you are not using a Debian-based Linux distribution.

Make sure that you have a Sun Java installed on your system and install the dos2unix command:

sudo apt-get install dos2unix

You should now be able to run make in the root of the repository and you will replicate the processing used for BioNLP ST 2013:


Once the processing has been completed you can find the results in the bld directory.

You may also want to consider the VERSION and PROCESSES variables. The former marks the resulting archives with a label to make them easier to identify and the latter allows for more efficient usage of multi-core machines. For example:


In-depth Details

Blank Lines

Blank lines in the original text files are removed since a majority of parsers can't handle them. Keep this in mind if you try to re-align the parses to the original text.

Parser/Conversion Failures

All of the parsers applied are statistical in nature and will occasionally fail to provide parses for a given sentence (with the exception of the BLLIP parser that has an internal infallible fall-back). For these cases we produce a flat parse instead of dropping the sentence from the output.

Similarly, the conversion tools used to convert from constituency parses to dependency parses are rule-based and will fail for some sentences produced by the up-stream statistical parsers. For these conversion failures we convert the constituency parse into a flat parse and convert the flattened parse into a dependency parse.

It should be noted that these failures are relatively rare (~0.01%).

Pointers on Sanity Checking

If you want to do some naive error checking for your parser output, see the lines below.

Naive sentence count sanity for txt to ptb (requires access to tok files):

for F in `find "${WORK_DIR}" -name '*.tok'`
    S=`sed '/^$/d' "${F}" | wc -l`
    T=`wc -l "${F}.ptb" | cut -f 1 -d ' '`
    if [ ${S} -ne ${T} ]
        MISMATCH_STR="\"${F}\" (${S}) and \"${F}.ptb\" (${T})"
        echo "ERROR: Sentence count mismatch for ${MISMATCH_STR}" 1>&2

Naive sentence count sanity for ptb to sdep:

for F in `find "${WORK_DIR}" -name '*.sdep'`
    B=`echo "${F}" | sed -e 's|\.[^.]*$||g'`
    S=`cat ${B} | wc -l`
    T=`grep '^root(ROOT-0, ' "${F}" | wc -l`
    if [ ${S} -ne ${T} ]
        MISMATCH_STR=\"${B}\" (${S}) and \"${F}\" (${T})"
        echo "ERROR: Sentence count mismatch for ${MISMATCH_STR}" 1>&2

For ptb to connlx, just change the T assignment line with the line below and adjust the find arguments accordingly:

T=`cut -f 8 ${F} | grep ROOT | wc -l`


For questions regarding the pipeline and its short-comings, please contact:

Pontus Stenetorp <pontus stenetorp se>

For questions regarding the datasets and the shared task itself, please contact:

BioNLP ST 2013 Organising Committee <bionlp-st-adm googlegroups com>


The majority of the content in this repository is made available under the ISC License. Do note that the external tools (tls/ext) use different licenses and you may want to check the homepage of each tool for details.


Pipeline for the supporting resources provided by the organisers for BioNLP Shared Task 2013.




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