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Puppet installation and management of Centrify Express
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This module manages the Centrify Express software installation and joining with an Active Directory domain.


  • Installs Centrify DirectControl Express from Canonical's partner repository
  • Automatically joins the client to AD domain
  • Allows additional users and groups to be added to allowed logins


The module requires the machine account be pre-created from a server or workstation with Centrify DirectControl alread installed. It is helpful to perform this task at the same time the puppet agent certificate is signed.

    adjoin -w -P -n myserver-01



By default the module will attempt to use the domain of the puppet client as the target Active Directory domain.

    class { 'centrifydc': }

Using a specified Active Directory domain

Sometimes it is necessary to specify a Active Directory domain.

    class { 'centrifydc':  ad_domain => ''}

Controlling users and groups

It is possible to control which users and groups can access the machine.

    class { 'centrifydc':
    ad_domain      => '',
    users_allowed  => ['tstark', 'ppotts']
    groups_allowed => ['domain admins', 'devops', 'avengers']

Other class parameters

  • users_ignored: a list of local user accounts centrifydc should ignore
  • groups_ignored: local groups to ignore
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