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(ns tasks
(:use cake cake.core cake.file uncle.core
[cake.utils :only [git]]
[bake.core :only [log]]
[cake.tasks.jar :only [build-uberjar jars uberjarfile]]
[cake.tasks.release :only [upload-to-clojars]]
[cake.tasks.version :only [snapshot? snapshot-timestamp]])
(:import [ Jar Copy Move ExecTask]
[ File]))
(defn bakejar []
(file "bake.jar"))
(defn clojure-jar []
(str "clojure-" (.replace (clojure-version) "SNAPSHOT" "*") ".jar"))
(defn add-dev-jars [task]
(doseq [jar (fileset-seq {:dir "lib/dev" :includes "*.jar"})]
(add-zipfileset task {:src jar :includes "**/*.clj" :excludes "META-INF/**/project.clj"})))
(undeftask uberjar)
(deftask uberjar #{jar}
"Create a standalone jar containing all project dependencies."
(build-uberjar (jars :excludes [(clojure-jar)]))
(let [jarfile (uberjarfile)
bakejar (bakejar)]
(ant Jar {:dest-file bakejar}
(add-fileset {:dir "bake"})
(ant Jar {:dest-file jarfile :update true}
(add-fileset {:file bakejar})
(deftask gem
"Build standalone gem package."
(let [version (:version *project*)]
(if (snapshot? version)
(println "refusing to make gem since this is a snapshot version:" version)
(do (invoke uberjar)
(ant Copy {:file (uberjarfile) :tofile (file "gem/lib/cake.jar")})
(ant Copy {:file (bakejar) :tofile (file "gem/lib/bake.jar")})
(ant Copy {:tofile (file "gem/lib/clojure.jar")}
(add-fileset {:dir "lib" :includes (clojure-jar)}))
(ant Copy {:file (file "bin/cake") :tofile (file "gem/bin/cake")})
(ant ExecTask {:executable "gem" :dir (file "gem")}
(env {"CAKE_VERSION" version})
(args ["build" "cake.gemspec"]))))))
(undeftask release)
(deftask release #{uberjar gem tag}
"Release project jar to github and gem package to rubygems."
(let [version (:version *project*)
snapshot? (snapshot? version)
version (if snapshot? (snapshot-timestamp version) version)
jar (format "jars/cake-%s.jar" version)]
(with-root (file "releases")
(git "pull"))
(ant Copy {:file (uberjarfile) :tofile (file "releases" jar)})
(spit (file "releases/current") version)
(when-not snapshot?
(ant Copy {:file (file "bin" "cake") :tofile (file "releases" "cake")})
(spit (file "releases/stable") version))
(with-root (file "releases")
(git "add" jar "cake" "current" "stable")
(git "commit" "--allow-empty" "-m" (format "'release cake %s'" (:version *project*)))
(git "push"))
(when-not snapshot?
(let [gem (str "cake-" version ".gem")]
(log "Releasing gem:" gem)
(ant ExecTask {:executable "gem" :dir (file "gem")}
(args ["push" gem]))))))
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