Default Tasks

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Cake provides a set of default tasks for common clojure build operations.

cake test

cake test uses the clojure.test framework. You can specify which tests to run by the arguments to the test task.

cake test
Run all tests in the test directory of your project root.

cake test test-servlet
Run all tests contained in test-servlet namespace.

cake test test-servlet/profile
Run profile test within the test-servlet namespace.

cake test :graph :fast
Run all tests tagged with :graph and :fast. See tagging tests below.

Tagging Tests

Tests can be tagged for an extra dimension of organization. When defining your test, add a :tags key to the meta data with a vector of keywords. When keywords are passed as options to the test task, any tests matching a keyword will be ran.
(deftest ^{:tags [:a :b]} bar (is true))