Standalone Clojure completion library adapted from swank-clojure.
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Clojure-complete is an symbol completion library for Clojure. The code is adapted from jochu/swank-clojure.


(use 'complete.core)

(completions "al" 'clojure.core)
=> ("alength" "alias" "all-ns" "alter" "alter-meta!" "alter-var-root")

(completions "jio/make" 'clojure.core)
=> ("jio/make-input-stream" "jio/make-output-stream" "jio/make-parents" "jio/make-reader" "jio/make-writer")

(completions "clojure.core")
=> ("clojure.core" "clojure.core.protocols" "clojure.core.ArrayChunk" "clojure.core.ArrayManager" "clojure.core.IVecImpl" "clojure.core.Vec" "clojure.core.VecNode" "clojure.core.VecSeq" "clojure.core.protocols.InternalReduce")

Running Tests

lein with-profile 1.2:1.3:1.4 test