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data_fabric has two layers of tests: unit tests and integration tests.

Running the Unit Tests

The unit tests test both with and without an actual database. test/database_test.rb tests against a MySQL database. The other unit tests mock AR so no actual database is required. You must customize test/database.yml to point to your MySQL database. “rake pretest” will set up MySQL to run the tests but you will need to customize the connection settings in the Rakefile pretest task.

Running the Integration Tests

data_fabric ships with an example application which shows an actual Rails application using data_fabric. You can customize config/database.yml but by default it uses a local Sqlite3 database so there should be no customization necessary.

Run the Rake task to prepare the application for testing. This will copy the latest data_fabric code to vendor/plugins, delete existing databases and migrate all the databases from scratch. You should then be able to run the example application's tests.

cd example
rake app:prepare
rake test

Submitting Bugs

If you think you've found a problem with data_fabric, please write a unit or integration test which reproduces the problem. This should make tracking down and fixing the bug relatively easy and provides a regression test for future releases.