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STARTRE='^;;; Commentary:$'
STOPRE='^ $'
DATE=$(date +"%B %e, %Y %H:%M %Z")
echo "title: Emacs Markdown Mode
description: A major mode for GNU Emacs for editing Markdown-formatted text files.
markup: markdown
icon: emacs
city: Columbus
created: May 24, 2007 23:47 GMT
modified: $DATE" > index.text
cat markdown-mode.el |\
# Keep only the Commentary section
awk "/$STARTRE/,/$STOPRE/" |\
# Remove the start and step regexps
grep -v "$STARTRE" | grep -v "$STOPRE" |\
# Convert headers
sed -e 's/^;;; \(.*\):$/\n## \1/' |\
# Remove leading spaces (but don't disturb pre blocks)
sed -e 's/^;;[ ]\{0,1\}//' |\
# Escape wiki links
#sed -e 's/\(\[\[[^]\n]*\]\]\)/\\\1/g' |\
# Use Markdown-style backticks for single-quoted lisp code
sed -e 's/`\([^'\'']*\)'\''/`\1`/g' |\
# Use <kbd> tags for keybindings
sed -e 's/`\([CM]-[^`]*\)`/<kbd>\1<\/kbd>/g' |\
# Remove email addresses
sed -e 's/ <.*@.*> / /g' \
>> index.text