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WordPress Sublime Completions

WordPress Sublime Completionsis a collection of WordPress snippets and autocompletions for Sublime Text. It contains all of the core functions, filters, actions, and constants.


It would be great if you contributed, but in order to keep things a littlo more sane please follow the guidlines below


Before contributing snippets read the sippet documentation to get familiar with the snippet syntax. There are some simple requirements for getting a snippet accepted.

  • The snippet must conform to WordPress coding standarts see
  • There needs to always be a tab trigger, and it needs to not conflict with any triggers that are currently in the soure. If the snippet is a WordPress core function with some defaults defined you should use the function name as the tab trigger. For example if you are creating a snippet for register_post_type() with some base defaults the tab trigger should be register_post_type. This help user to not have to remember every snippet while still being able te take advantage of them.
  • Always scope your snippets
    • PHP source.php - source.variable.php
    • CSS source.css
    • JavaScript source.javascript
    • HTML text.html
  • Always include a description and make sure it's short but unique. If you're typing something and a snippet comes up you need to know what it does.

File Naming

When naming files seperate words with dashes(-). If you're naming a snippet for a function that only contains the function with defaults set use the function name with underscores(_) replaced with dashes(-). So if you've created a snippet for register_post_type() the file name would be register-post-type.sublime-snippet, but if you have a snippet that isn't just a function with defaults then create a descriptive file name. Example: The snippet below would be named pet-post-meta-trim.sublime-snippet.

trim( get_post_meta( get_the_ID(), '${1:key}', true ) )
	<description>Retrieve Custom Field with whitespace trim</description>

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