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Prometheus SNMP exporter configuration generator in a docker container
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SNMP exporter config generator

The config generator uses NetSNMP to parse MIBs, and generates configs for the Prometheus snmp_exporter using them. This is a docker container built to facilitate the config generation, it is built from scratch starting from Alpine Linux and SNMP exporter config generator source code SNMP exporter config generator.


  • docker
  • your device MIBs

How to run it

For demo purposes I've added the Palo Alto firewall mibs to this repo.

  • Clone this repo
  • Run the aabbate/secg container mounting the MIBs directory, the generator.yml file and the empty snmp.yml file
$  docker run --rm -v "$PWD/mibs:/root/.snmp/mibs" \
	-v "$PWD/generator.yml:/root/go/src/" \
	-v "$PWD/snmp.yml:/root/go/src/" aabbate/secg
  • Once completed, you will find the generated configuration on the snmp.yml file, which can be used on your SNMP-exporter installation.

Volumes mounts

In order to generate the configuration you need to set the following mounts:

  • the MIBS volume: where you will put your mibs
    • bind your directory with /root/.snmp/mibs
  • the generator.yml file: where the generator will get the OIDs to walk
    • bind your file with /root/go/src/
  • the snmp.yml file: where you will find the generated configuration for SNMP-exporter
    • bind your file with /root/go/src/

Container tags

The aabbate/secg container follows the snmp_exporter tag/release naming convention. The tag latest is the latest tag version released on snmp_exporter repository.

To generate your custom configuration:

  • Execute a snmpwalk on your device in order to get the right OIDs
  • Clone this repo
  • Edit the generator.yml adding your OIDs
  • Copy your MIBs files on mibs directory
  • Run the aabbate/secg container mounting:
    • the mibs directory to /root/.snmp/mibs
    • the empty snmp.yml to /root/go/src/
    • your custom generator.yml file to /root/go/src/
  • Get the configuration from the updated snmp.yml file.
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