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This is the offical git repository of Aziverso
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This is the official GitHub repo of Aziverso.

Aziverso is a multiverse add-in for Microsoft Office able to offer many features to speed up the Azure professional work, it is free to use and supported by the community. Aziverso has been developed by Nino Crudele, he is 12 years Microsoft Azure MVP and he daily supports a large number of companies in Microsoft Azure. The add-in offers many features to manage the most important and critical situations, it offers great capabilities to manage the Azure costs, troubleshooting, naming standards and more. Aziverso is a smart tool for smart people, the internal features can be combined in a different way to solve many situations and problems. The Aziverso costs provide the possibility to define our department's distributions, without depending by any Azure setting, we can also define rules to calculate costs by resource groups, tags and subscriptions.

Aziverso provides the possibility to query up to 1533 Azure API with smart filtering, the API can be executed also getting the parameters from other Excel Sheets.

This last feature, called dynamic API mapping, offers the possibility to execute an Azure API selected in the list and execute the API for each row in the Excel Sheet and to return a total result.

Aziverso can query any API and provide an extensive result able to show a complete view of the data. Combining the feature of heuristic view and the group we can extend our troubleshooting at the unthinkable level before.

Feel free to add any issue you like to implement in the next version.

Any type of collaboration is very appreciated.

More information in the official website

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