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Generates an email and web page of Plex recently added content
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NowShowing v2

Docker Automated build Build Passing


The NowShowing docker provides a summary of new media that has recently been added to Plex, giving the Plex owner the option of delivering the information in two ways:

  1. An email summary sent to all or selected users of the Plex Server
  2. A web page for users to visit

Description / Background

NowShowing is the successor of the popular plexReport docker. The original brainchild of bstascavage. Further developed by NinthWalker & enhanced by GroxyPod, NowShowing adds additional improvements and features in a friendly, easy to install docker.

New in v2:

Complete code rewrite with tons of new features!

  • Same great Email/webpage for Plex recently added as v1
  • All new Web Interface for settings and customization
  • Library Filtering!
  • Movie/TV Trailers
  • Tautilli Statistics integration
  • New user Setup Wizard
  • Announcement Emails
  • Web based Log Viewer
  • Easy Plex token retrieval
  • Most email providers supported
  • BCC users instead of multiple emails
  • Web tools including On-Demand and Test reports


Supported Platforms

  • Docker (Windows or Linux based) See Wiki
  • unRAID v6+

Supported Email Clients

Supported Plex Agents

  • Plex Movie
  • TheMovieDB
  • TheTVDB


  1. Plex
  2. Docker
  3. Plex Movie or TheMovieDB set as your Agent for Movie sections on the Plex server
  4. TheTVDB set as your Agent for TV sections on the Plex server
  5. An Email account that supports SSL SMTP

Installation on unRAID

See unRAID Wiki

Installation on other Docker platforms

See Other Docker platforms Wiki

Advanced settings, FAQ, Command-line options & other questions:

See Github Wiki

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