an input interface to replace drop-down or select for a huge number of options
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Use this plugin if your select has a lot of options.
The UI is a text field with a button that opens a partial
of a paginated set of radio buttons.

mislav-will-paginate gem
desert gem

- You may want to consider a custom method/virtual attribute for the method parameter 
  in text_field_with_paginating_select and paginating_select_result
  for better readability

To use:
1. Install the plugin.
2. Require 'desert' in your config/environment.rb
3. Perform the following task:
    > rake paginating_select:export use='sass' file='my_file.sass' 
    or rake paginating_select:export use='css'
4. Include the following lines in your stylesheets and javascripts
  - paginating_select.css for 'css' stylesheet
  - paginating_select.js
5. Replace your text_field() with text_field_with_paginating_select()
   or replace your text_area() with text_area_with_paginating_select()
    text_field_with_paginating_select(object, method, tag_options = {}, partial_options = {}, remote_options = {})
    *see plugin's app/helpers/paginating_select_helper.rb for complete description of parameters
6. Prepare the partial for the options. In the partial, put this function:
    paginating_select_result(collection, field, options= {}, paginating_options= {}, remote_options={}, search_options= {})
    *see plugin's app/helpers/paginating_select_helper.rb for complete description of parameters
7. In your controller, include this:
     if request.xml_http_request?
      render :partial => 'your_partial', :layout => false
   This is needed because only the partial will be updated when changing page.
   You may use multiple paginating partials in one page. Change the parameters
   as necessary, see mislav-will-paginate documentation.
8. If you want to include remote_functions, provide the necessary options for
   the remote_options parameter. You will however be the one to create the
   corresponding action. params[:return] will contain the value of the selected
9. If you want to include the search functionality, provide the necessary 
   parameters for search_options. You will however provide the action for 
   search. params[:your_method_search] will be the value of the search text. 

For the text field with remote and pagination options: 
 = text_field_with_paginating_select :employee, :employee_no, {}, 
    {:view => 'employee_list', :object => @employees}, 
    {:url => {:controller => 'employees', :action => 'available_employees', :additional_param => 'additional param value'}, 
    {:partial => 'div_to_update', :loading => "'loading-auto');", :loaded => "Element.hide('loading-auto');"}
 / _employee_list.html.haml is the partial with the paginating_select helper
 / @employees is the WillPaginate::Collection object, see example below
 / you may add any additional parameter in the :url option
 / for the remote_options, 'loading-auto' is the id of the div that shows the spinner gif

For the options list in the partial(with remote, search and pagination options):
*at _employee_list.html.haml:
= paginating_select_result(@employees, 'employee_no_with_name', 
{:empty_text => "No Employees Found!", :object => 'employee', :method => 'employee_no'}, 
{:param_name => :emp_page, :page => params[:emp_page]}, 
{:url => {:controller => 'employees', :action => 'available_employees', :additional_param => 'additional param value', :emp_page => params[:emp_page]}, :partial => 'div_to_update', :loading => "'loading-auto');", :loaded => "Element.hide('loading-auto');"},
{:url => {:action => 'search'}, :params => {:emp_page => params[:emp_page]}}

Sample controller code:
  def new
    # I needed to use this for the conditional statement I have below.
    params[:job_page] = params[:job_page] ? (params[:job_page].blank? ? 1 : params[:job_page]) : nil
    params[:parent_page] = params[:parent_page] ? (params[:parent_page].blank? ? 1 : params[:parent_page]) : nil
    @position =
    @position_rep =

    # WillPaginate::Collections
    # replace code LIKE OR title LIKE with your own search condition/s
    @jobs = PositionType.paginate(:conditions => ['thru_date is ? AND (code LIKE ? OR title LIKE ? )', nil, "%#{params[:position_type_name_search]}%",  "%#{params[:position_type_name_search]}%"], :order => 'code', :page => params[:job_page], :per_page => 5)
    @parents = Position.paginate(:conditions => ['actual_thru_date is NULL AND (code LIKE ? OR LIKE ?)', "%#{params[:person_reported_search]}%", "%#{params[:person_reported_search]}%"], :include => {:current_position_fulfillment => {:person => :person_names}}, :order => 'code', :page => params[:parent_page], :per_page => 5)

    if request.xml_http_request?
      # Conditional statement used because I had two partials with pagination.
      if params[:job_page]
        render :partial => 'job_list', :layout => false
        render :partial => 'parent_list', :layout => false

Copyright (c) 2009 [name of plugin creator], released under the MIT license