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πŸ’¬ Nio

Matrix Liberapay

Nio is an upcoming Matrix client for iOS.

For the time being this project is still very much a work in progress. For updates, please check by in our matrix room β†’

Want to give it a spin? Join the public TestFlight Beta.


Getting Started

Since Nio uses Swift Package Manager all you need to do is clone the project, open it in Xcode and hit ⌘R to run the app on your simulator or device.


If you can help translate Nio into other languages your help would be much appreciated! Translation files are available on

Translation status


As with any project, development costs a lot of time and money. Nio has no intention whatsoever of ever becoming a paid application or to support itself through icky means like ads or selling user data. But if you feel so inclined to support the project financially, we'd be forever grateful.

You can either use Liberapay for "traditional" payment methods or donate some Nano to nano_1dr4k1p63sas5qf9wyepqnuxwpjgik8z1f3nmk1gs8dpopaz97er6rq4tojm.


Other cryptocurrencies are of course just as welcome, just ask in the chat.

Thank you! ❀️

Similar Apps

You might also have fun checking out the following applications.

  • FluffyChat, arguably the cutest mobile Matrix client.
  • Ditto Chat, cross-platform (based on ReactNative) and just as purple πŸ’œ

Why "Nio"?

Nio is short for Niobe (albeit pronounced differently), captain of the ship Logos in the Matrix trilogy. Additionally it's a homonym of Neo, because there's definitely not enough Matrix projects jumping on that pun train already.

The abbreviation NIO is also commonly used to refer to the term non-blocking IO. I find this entertaining for a messaging client, which is essentially a human IO interface.