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FUSE interface for blockchain file storage
Python Shell
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FUSE interface for blockchain file storage

mount a local folder with files from public bitcoinSV blockchain. Not User or password required

Requires python3 with the fusepy and requests libraries. bitcoin-cli is required to use the file upload scripts


  • Using pip and local python enviroment. Recomended
pip install virtualenv
virtualenv -p python3 envname
source envname/bin/activate
pip3 install fusepy
pip3 install requests
  • In Ubuntu Linux 18.04:
apt-get install python3-fusepy python3-requests
  • In OSX:

Not tested due to no available machine, but it should work with MacFUSE installed through your favorite package manager and the fusepy and requests libraries

  • In Windows:

Not supported.


To mount from BitcoinsSV trasnsaccion ID in mnt existing folder

./ mnt/ txid

As long is runnig files can be accessed in mnt/.

Use Cases

  • 1 Loading bitcoinfs.conf from the blockchain
./ test/ 663274c2e741484d2c2d2901cab0372ea978da7b608f7e9c3e41a2bc8e99f440
  • 2 Mounting Riemann Paper and four strand DNA olygo assembler sequence, Pubmed ID 30285239
./ test/ 3fa7bea2b9d2ab16d7ecea074e9b2277272b9e707d42f4d52d69b9f5272025c6


  • Mount Human Proteome UP000005640 One protein product by gene (not including protein isoforms)
./ proteome/ 6081be231d65ec6323a74f2a876dc6e5007c1d3360d15570f49b9c5cafc9f0b7
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