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REM rails generate scaffold player_type title:string
REM Adding a change
rails g scaffold user login:string email:string crypted_password:string password_salt:string persistence_token:string first_name:string last_name:string personal_number:string street_address:string zip_code:string living_area:string active:boolean home_phone:string mobile_phone:string goals:text wants_reminders:boolean reminder_time:integer player_type_id:string login_count:integer failed_login_count:integer last_request_at:datetime current_login_at:datetime last_login_at:datetime current_login_ip:string last_login_ip:string
rails g model user_session
rails g scaffold_controller user_session login:string password:string
rails g scaffold activity start_time:datetime duration:integer all_day:boolean type:string correlation_id:guid
rails g model controller rvsp_status title:string (körde: rails generate model rvsp_status title:string)
rails g scaffold RVSP activity_id:integer player_id:integer rvsp_status_id:integer comment:string
REM rails g scaffold forum title:string description:text user_id:integer
REM rails g scaffold forum_post body:text user_id:integer
rails g scaffold wall_posts body:text user_id:integer
rails g scaffold location title:text
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