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This is an attempt at creating a site for a sports team where the team members can log in and:

  • Read and post on a wall
  • See upcoming events (games, workouts, ...)
  • RVSP on upcoming events (games, workouts, ...)
  • Dispaly a members list with contact info and player info



Clone the repository

    git clone

cd into the created dir

    cd Pdk-Team-Site

Install bundle

    bundle install

Run migrations

    rake db:migrate
    rake db:seed

Start server

    rails server

Create a user

This will be baked into a migration later on, but for now its manual. Hit the site and register a user. Start the rails consloe and do the following:

    > rails console
    > user = User.first
    > user.approved=true
    > user.has_role! :admin


This is my first ever Ruby and Rails project so things might be totally wrong... Please tell me if you catch something

Some things will be hardcode in Swedish until we/I get to the localization part (which in time of writing is far ahead)