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Nato Spelling Alphabet

Live Demo

demo gif

A simple Progressive Web Application that allows you to translate the characters in a string in to the NATO phonetic alphabet.

Ever wanted to spell out a word like they do in the military movies? Now you can with this tiny web app that works offline! Made with Polymer 2.0.

Development Instructions

Install the Polymer-CLI

First, make sure you have the Polymer CLI installed. Then run polymer serve to serve your application locally.

Serve Application Locally

$ polymer serve

Navigate to http://localhost:8000/ in order to view the page.

Building Your Application

$ polymer build

This will create builds of the application in the build/gh-pages directory, optimized to be served in production. You can then serve the built versions by giving polymer serve a folder to serve from:

$ polymer serve build/gh-pages

Deploying to gh-pages

Deployed to gh-pages by pushing the build folder in to the gh-pages branch

$ git subtree push --prefix build/gh-pages/ origin gh-pages

Running Tests

$ polymer test

Your application is already set up to be tested via web-component-tester. Run polymer test to run your application's test suite locally.


Polymer Progressive Web App that gives International Radiotelephony Spelling Alphabet (NATO Alphabet) translations of strings




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