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Gemello: Creating a Detailed Energy Breakdown from just the Monthly Electricity Bill

This repository contains code for Gemello: Creating a Detailed Energy Breakdown from just the Monthly Electricity Bill. This paper was accepted at SIGKDD 2016.

Please use the following bib entry to cite the paper.

 author = {Batra, Nipun and Singh, Amarjeet and Whitehouse, Kamin},
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More pertinent links to the paper

  1. Paper pdf
  2. Youtube video
  3. Poster

This work was also presented at the 3rd NILM workshop. You can find the slides and the talk recording.

This Readme gives a description of the repository structure and how one can repeat the experiments. The final plots and analysis is all done in IPython notebooks. Each folder in this repository has a Readme describing the contents of the folder.

First, links to the notebooks for the figures

Figure/Table Link
Figure 1 Approach
Figure 2 Dataset description
Figure 3 Code for producing estimates, Notebook for ingesting the estimates and producing plots
Figure 4 Comparison with state-of-art at higher frequency
Figure 5 and Table 3 Sensitivity analysis on features
Figure 6 Sensitivity analysis on number of homes