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Pasted the clean and stable code in from PR1598.

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parichit committed Jul 31, 2018
1 parent 8d70f5d commit 30a164118978a43ac81074462ca03d1f6164ce75
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@@ -6,12 +6,12 @@
import nibabel as nib

from dipy.align.reslice import reslice
from dipy.align.imaffine import transform_centers_of_mass, \
from dipy.align.imaffine import AffineMap, transform_centers_of_mass, \
MutualInformationMetric, AffineRegistration
from dipy.align.transforms import TranslationTransform3D, RigidTransform3D, \
from import save_nifti, load_nifti, save_affine_matrix, \
from import save_nifti, load_nifti, load_affine_matrix, \
save_affine_matrix, save_quality_assur_metric

class ResliceFlow(Workflow):
@@ -521,3 +521,60 @@ def run(self, static_img_file, moving_img_file, transform='affine',

save_nifti(moved_file, moved_image, static_grid2world)
save_affine_matrix(affine_matrix_file, affine)

class ApplyTransformFlow(Workflow):

def run(self, static_image_file, moving_image_files, affine_matrix_file,
out_dir='', out_file='transformed.nii.gz'):

static_image_file : string
Path of the static image file.
moving_image_files : string
Location of moving image(s). It can be a single image or a
folder containing multiple images.
affine_matrix_file : string
The text file containing the affine matrix for transformation.
out_dir : string, optional
Directory to save the transformed files (default '').
out_file : string, optional
Name of the transformed file. If no name is given then a
suffix 'transformed' will be appended to the name of the
original input file (default 'transformed.nii.gz').

io = self.get_io_iterator()
img_register = ImageRegistrationFlow()

for static_image_file, moving_image_file, affine_matrix_file, \
out_file in io:

# Loading the image data from the input files into object.
static_image = nib.load(static_image_file)
static_grid2world = static_image.affine

moving_image = nib.load(moving_image_file)
image_data = moving_image.get_data()

# Doing a sanity check for validating the dimensions of the input
# images.
img_register.check_dimensions(static_image, moving_image)

# Loading the affine matrix.
affine_matrix = load_affine_matrix(affine_matrix_file)

# Setting up the affine transformation object.
img_transformation = AffineMap(affine=affine_matrix,

# Transforming the image/
transformed = img_transformation.transform(image_data)

save_nifti(out_dir+out_file, transformed, affine=static_grid2world)

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