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ValueError: operands could not be broadcast together with remapped shapes [original->remapped]: (13,13)->(13,13) (10000,10)->(10000,newaxis,10) #1790

strawberry1996 opened this issue Mar 18, 2019 · 1 comment


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commented Mar 18, 2019


I import myself nii file and this file is 4-dimension (90,160,13,10) where(height, width, direction, number of slice), I want to get fa file ,but when I run'' The program reported an error

My code is as follows:
nii_path = 'F:\project_python\run_on_server\dicom\data\mask_slice_all.nii'
bval_path = 'F:\project_python\run_on_server\dicom\data\20120314_190357Z565B0200DTITD850s001a1001.bval'
bvec_path = 'F:\project_python\run_on_server\dicom\data\20120314_190357Z565B0200DTITD850s001a1001.bvec'

nii_img, affine = load_nifti(nii_path)
bval, bvec = read_bvals_bvecs(bval_path, bvec_path)
gtab = gradient_table(bval, bvec)
print("nii: ",nii_img.shape)
print("affine: ",affine.shape)

tenmodel = TensorModel(gtab)
print("tenmodel: ",tenmodel)
tenfit =,mask = None)

save_nifti('colorfa.nii.gz', tenfit.color_fa, affine)

report error:
Traceback (most recent call last):
File "C:\Users\Administrator\Anaconda3\lib\site-packages\IPython\core\", line 2963, in run_code
exec(code_obj, self.user_global_ns, self.user_ns)
File "", line 1, in
runfile('F:/project_python/run_on_server/dicom/', wdir='F:/project_python/run_on_server/dicom')
File "D:\pycharm\PyCharm 2018.2.4\helpers\pydev_pydev_bundle\", line 197, in runfile
pydev_imports.execfile(filename, global_vars, local_vars) # execute the script
File "D:\pycharm\PyCharm 2018.2.4\helpers\", line 18, in execfile
exec(compile(contents+"\n", file, 'exec'), glob, loc)
File "F:/project_python/run_on_server/dicom/", line 69, in
tenfit =,mask = None)
File "C:\Users\Administrator\Anaconda3\lib\site-packages\dipy\reconst\", line 794, in fit
File "C:\Users\Administrator\Anaconda3\lib\site-packages\dipy\reconst\", line 1304, in wrapped_fit_tensor
*args, **kwargs)
File "C:\Users\Administrator\Anaconda3\lib\site-packages\dipy\reconst\", line 1382, in wls_fit_tensor
w = np.exp(np.einsum('...ij,...j', ols_fit, log_s))
File "C:\Users\Administrator\Anaconda3\lib\site-packages\numpy\core\", line 1069, in einsum
return c_einsum(*operands, **kwargs)
ValueError: operands could not be broadcast together with remapped shapes [original->remapped]: (13,13)->(13,13) (10000,10)->(10000,newaxis,10)


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commented Mar 18, 2019

This was closed, but I will still reply here for the sake of posterity. I think that there are two issues here. The first is that you need to read the data into memory before fitting:

data = nii_img.get_fdata()
tenfit =, mask = None)

The second thing that seems to be happening here is because DIPY expects the directions to be the last dimension of your data (which is a common case). In this case, you'd probably want to swap the last and second to last axes, before fitting the model. Something like:

data = nii_img.get_fdata()
new_data = np.swapaxes(data, -2, -1)
tenfit =, mask = None)

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