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BF - fix eudx tracking for npeaks=1 #1888

merged 7 commits into from Jul 10, 2019
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Just for now

@@ -75,8 +75,12 @@ cdef class PeaksAndMetricsDirectionGetter(DirectionGetter):
raise IndexError("point outside data")

# Check to see how many peaks were found in the voxel
for numpeaks in range(self._ind.shape[3]):
if self._ind[ijk[0], ijk[1], ijk[2], numpeaks] < 0:
for i in range(self.peak_values.shape[3]):
# Test if the value associated to the peak is > 0
if self._qa[ijk[0], ijk[1], ijk[2], i] > 0:
numpeaks = numpeaks + 1
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arokem Jul 9, 2019


Thanks! This is certainly clearer.


numpeaks = sum(self._qa[ijk[0], ijk[1], ijk[2], i] > 0) 

work here?

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gabknight Jul 10, 2019

Author Contributor

No, > doesn't work for arrays. Am I missing something?

Error compiling Cython file:
         numpeaks = sum(self._qa[ijk[0], ijk[1], ijk[2], :] > 0)

dipy/reconst/peak_direction_getter.pyx:85:59: Invalid types for '>' (double[::1], long)

Would have been more clear :)

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arokem Jul 10, 2019


Oh well. Thanks for checking.


# Create directions array and copy peak directions from vertices
@@ -63,9 +63,20 @@ def get_direction(dg, point, dir):

# Check that points are rounded to get initial direction
point -= .5
id = peaks.initial_direction(point)
# id should be a (1, 3) array
npt.assert_array_almost_equal(id, [expected_dir])
initial_dir = peaks.initial_direction(point)
# It should be a (1, 3) array
npt.assert_array_almost_equal(initial_dir, [expected_dir])

peaks1 = peaks_from_model(SillyModel(), data, default_sphere,
point = np.array([1, 1, 1], dtype=float)

# it should have one direction
npt.assert_array_almost_equal(len(peaks1.initial_direction(point)), 1)
npt.assert_array_almost_equal(len(peaks.initial_direction(point)), 1)

if __name__ == "__main__":
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