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Neuroimaging in Python FMRI analysis package
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Workaround bug in numpy ``assert_almost_equal`.
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Neuroimaging tools for Python.

The aim of NIPY is to produce a platform-independent Python environment for the analysis of functional brain imaging data using an open development model.

In NIPY we aim to:

  1. Provide an open source, mixed language scientific programming environment suitable for rapid development.
  2. Create software components in this environment to make it easy to develop tools for MRI, EEG, PET and other modalities.
  3. Create and maintain a wide base of developers to contribute to this platform.
  4. To maintain and develop this framework as a single, easily installable bundle.

NIPY is the work of many people. We list the main authors in the file AUTHOR in the NIPY distribution, and other contributions in THANKS.


Current information can always be found at the NIPY project website.

Mailing Lists

For questions on how to use nipy or on making code contributions, please see the neuroimaging mailing list:

Please report bugs at github issues:

You can see the list of current proposed changes at:


You can find our sources and single-click downloads:


To run nipy's tests, you will need to install the nose Python testing package. Then:

python -c "import nipy; nipy.test()"

You can also run nipy's tests with the nipnost script in the tools directory of the nipy distribution:

./tools/nipnost nipy

nipnost is a thin wrapper around the standard nosetests program that is part of the nose package. Try nipnost --help to see a large number of command-line options.


To run NIPY, you will need:

You will probably also like to have:


We use the 3-clause BSD license; the full license is in the file LICENSE in the nipy distribution.

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