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DOC: comment in windows bat, rewrite docstring

Comment to help reader of windows bat wrapper.  Point readers to
discussion of installation and bat files.
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1 parent 9c3bff7 commit b84ea0324a5a1eb3982633e6e0dda286bbaea6ed @matthew-brett matthew-brett committed Feb 2, 2013
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@@ -300,6 +300,7 @@ def generate_a_pyrex_source(self, base, ext_name, source, extension):
r"""@echo off
+REM wrapper to use shebang first line of {FNAME}
set mypath=%~dp0
set pyscript="%mypath%{FNAME}"
set /p line1=<%pyscript%
@@ -316,27 +317,17 @@ class install_scripts_nipy(install_scripts):
Scripts are bare file names without extension on Unix, fitting (for example)
Debian rules. They identify as python scripts with the usual ``#!`` first
- line. This doesn't work on Windows. So, on Windows only we ad a ``.bat``
- wrapper of name ``bare_script_name.bat`` to call ``bare_script_name``
- using the python interpreter from the #! first line of the script.
+ line. Unix recognizes and uses this first "shebang" line, but Windows does
+ not. So, on Windows only we add a ``.bat`` wrapper of name
+ ``bare_script_name.bat`` to call ``bare_script_name`` using the python
+ interpreter from the #! first line of the script.
- The idea for this routine came from an idea in Twisted, re-used in IPython
- An alternative to this method would be to use the ``distribute`` /
- ``setuptools`` ``cli.exe`` method. We could do this by defining console
- entry points for the scripts, and moving the script code into the libary.
- setuptools then copies a pre-compiled Windows executable ``cli.exe`` as
- ``bare_script_name.exe``, and the script as ````.
- The executable file ``cli.exe`` (copied as ``bare_script_name.exe``)
- analyzes its own name, and then calls ```` with
- the Python interpreter named in the top line of the script file. Doing this
- induces a run-time dependency on setuptools because the generated python
- script files import ``pkg_resources``.
- See git:// for some experiments to
- show what setuptools and distutils are doing.
+ See discussion at
+ and
+ example at git:// for more
+ background.
def run(self):

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