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fix a typo: "their is" -> "there is" #262

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i put this in the previous patch, but you merged too quickly. :) I don't see any other changes after this.

NIPY developers member

Oops - this time I'll wait a little bit :)

By the way - you can always add to a closed pull request.


well I made the change on the same branch, but it doesn't show up in the previous pull request?

NIPY developers member

Hmm - no - I stand corrected - I thought that did happen. Maybe they changed the interface.


I don't know, you can add changes after opening a PR, but maybe not after closing it? Anyway I'm not making any more changes to this file.

@matthew-brett matthew-brett merged commit cfc99f8 into nipy:master
@endolith endolith deleted the endolith:patch-1 branch
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Commits on Feb 5, 2013
  1. @endolith

    "their is" -> "there is"

    endolith committed
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@@ -93,7 +93,7 @@ felt on many projects, have a potential to do real harm to open source
software development. There are two unpalatable options. 1) Go with
GPL and lose the mind-share of the private sector 2) Forgo GPL code
and retain the contribution of the private sector. This is a very
-tough decision because their is a lot of very high quality software
+tough decision because there is a lot of very high quality software
that is GPLd and we need to use it; they don't call the license `viral
<>`_ for nothing.
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