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Pydra Dataflow Engine
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A simple dataflow engine with scalable semantics.

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The goal of pydra is to provide a lightweight Python dataflow engine for DAG construction, manipulation, and distributed execution.

Feature list:

  1. Python 3.7+ using type annotation and dataclasses
  2. Composable dataflows with simple node semantics. A dataflow can be a node of another dataflow.
  3. splitter and combiner provides many ways of compressing complex loop semantics
  4. Cached execution with support for a global cache across dataflows and users
  5. Distributed execution (presently via ConcurrentFutures and SLURM, more on their way)


This tutorial will walk you through the main concepts of Pydra! Binder

Please note that mybinder times out after an hour.


pip install pydra

Developer installation

Pydra requires Python 3.7+. To install in developer mode:

git clone
cd pydra
pip install -e .[dev]

It is also useful to install pre-commit:

pip install pre-commit
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