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A tool to run scripts on a remote server.
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Remote Deployer

Deployer is an npm package to deploy to a remote server.

  • deploy with ssh: connect to the server and run command from a script, good for running from client or build server.
  • deploy with http: create get request with secret key to fire deploy process (preconfigure script run), to set up on the remote server.
  • deploy with ftp: coming soon.

Used by me at devresources, helping me to setup ci/cd with gitlab worker.


npm i -g remote-deployer


  • deployer -h //show help file
  • deployer ssh -h //show sub help file
  • deployer init


  • to support multi configuration, you need to make sure the default_id key in the config is not set. (you need to run the commands in the project folder)
  • to support running deployer from anywhere but support only one configuration make sure default_id is set.
  • on linux and mac, make sure the script as permission, chmod +x
  • get config file path: deployer config path
  • print config file: deployer config all
  • try running deployer in the project folder. (deployer will interact with git to save release date/data support ssh only)
  • trigger example for deployer http: curl
  • read the blog post.


  • restore to last deployed commit and deploy.
  • ftp deploy
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