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Animation Software and Firmware for the Robotics Club Dot Matrix Display. To access the browser-based animation software, visit


This repository contains a firmware to Display animations in a 32x32 combination of two 32x16 P10(1r)-V70 Dot Matrix Displays. And it also contains a small JavaScript program that you can use to make animations for the Dot Matrix Display setup. The program runs on your browser, and exports a header file that you can compile your firmware with and flash into the AVR.

Read this post for all details.

screenshot of animator-inator

How to use?

The overall procedure varies from set-up to set-up. It would be extremely coincidental if you could use these programs as-is without modification. However, the general procedure should be:

  1. Git clone this repository or download the zip file.
  2. Hit ./ dmd.c to compile and upload the program. You might have to modify the file to suit your In-System Programmer and AVR device.
  3. Use the animation program to make animations. It should be fairly intuitive. Once you are done, hit Ctrl+Shift+S to save the file as matrixdata.h in the root directory of the project, replacing the original one.
  4. Flash and repeat.

Other works used

The animation software relies on FileSaver.js written by Eli Gray and released under MIT license.