Logistics Management System
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Logistics Management System

Logistics is an important part in many service industries. But as the industries expand and the network grows complex distribution and transport is the main problem to be dealt with most efficiently. The inventory management is another aspect that needs proper planning. Also synchronization between the retailer/vendor/supplier and the delivery management system and the customer is another difficulty. With this proposed logistics management system these problems are promisingly dealt with. This is an application to manage an optimized solution for local logistics and transportation needs for both businesses and consumers in the urban areas. Logistics is one of the important aspects of the service and the manufacturing industry. Timely delivery of goods and products to appropriate customer is necessary. The prevalent logistics systems are efficient but not effective enough. There are multiple drawbacks which eventually lead to the loss of the customer. The proposed logistics management system aims to achieve an integrated logistics system which entirely controls the logistics and also controls the delivery of the product to the said destination with care on time. The system also comes with a comprehensive route tracker which helps to find the optimal route for the delivery of products and also keeps a track of the delivery status. Thus, the proposed system helps the vendor and the customer to deal with the goods reliably.

The proposed system has a comprehensive logistics management app where the vendor or the supplier can register and provide the details of the customer and the shipping details. Once registered the system searches and hires the nearest transport service in the vicinity. It forwards the customer details and also calculates the optimal path for the delivery. The system tracks the delivery and also collects and analyses the customer feedback.

The Logistics Management System app helps the vendor and the customer by providing the vendor an easy to use facility to ensure proper and timely delivery of its product and the customer the assurance of delivery. Thus it is a win-win situation for everyone. Also the path finder and reciept generation feature makes this app more effective and efficient.

Following functionalities have been implemented within the application:

  1. Real Time Location Tracking
  2. Authentication
  3. Map Integration
  4. Receipt Generation
  5. Final Acknowledgement


The system aims to achieve ease of doing business by entirely controlling the delivery process. The functions are as follows:

  1. Search/Hire nearby and reliable transport service.
  2. Find the optimal path for delivery.
  3. Ensure safe and timely delivery.
  4. Receipt Generation.
  5. Acknowledgement and Feedback.

##System Requirements

  • JDK 7.0

  • Mysql

  • Git

  • Firefox

  • Node.js

    For Linux users: Install Node.js as described here based on your Linux flavour.

    For Mac users: Install Node.js directly or using homebrew using brew install nodejs

    Those who install Node.js using Homebrew should export the following (or include in $HOME/.bash_profile or $HOME/.profile or$HOME/.bashrc or $HOME/.zshrc, depending on your shell.

    export NODE_PATH="/usr/local/bin/node" export PATH="/usr/local/share/npm/bin:$PATH"

  • Android

    For Linux users: Install Android Studio as described here based on your Linux flavour.

    For Mac Users: Install Android Studio as described here based on your configuration.

  • PHP

    For Linux users: Install and configure PHP as described here based on your Linux flavour.

    For Mac Users: Install and configure PHP as described here based on your configuration.

Tech Stack

  • Android
  • Node.js
  • MySql
  • PHP
  • OracleDB
  • Html
  • Css
  • Jquery
  • Ajax


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