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A text classifier for wine reviews crawled from

We have developed two algorithms you can train on:

1: Bernoulli Naive Bayes 2: Multinomial Naive Bayes


1: Cross Validation 2: Percentage Split

Steps to run:

git clone
cd Winifier
pip3 install -r requirements.txt

Now that the requirements are satisfied you can use the following options to run the program:

process (whether "train"/"test")

filePath for training (path to dataset, "txt file delimited with ~")

modelFilePath for testing with custom dataset (path to dataset, "txt file delimited with ~")

algorithm (whether "bernoulli"/"multinomial")

type (whether "percentage_split"/"cross_validation")

trainPercentage (if "percentage_split" selected)

numberOfFolds (if "cross_validation" selected)

datasetLimit (number of rows to select from dataset)

Commands to train on dataset and evaluate on remaining subset of data:

Command format:
<python3 "train" "filePath" datasetLimit "algorithm" "type" "trainPercentage/numberOfFolds">
Sample commands to try out:
python3 "train" "__data__/trainingV2.txt" 11110 "bernoulli" "percentage_split" 90
python3 "train" "__data__/trainingV2.txt" 11110 "multinomial" "percentage_split" 90
python3 "train" "__data__/trainingV2.txt" 11110 "bernoulli" "cross_validation" 10
python3 "train" "__data__/trainingV2.txt" 11110 "multinomial" "cross_validation" 10

Model Files are generated after each train command runs in the model/generated directory.

Commands to custom test with a dataFile and modelFile:

This is under development, currently we have the option only to train and evaluate at run time! We plan to deliver this option through the next checkpoint

<python3 "test" "filePath" datasetLimit "modelFilePath">
Sample commands to try out:
python3 "test" "__data__/trainingV2.txt" 1110 "__model__/generated/multinomial__percentage_split__90.json"

Link to repository: You can visit this link to see updated ReadMe file if you wish to.

@Authors (Team #5) Khavya Seshadri Dhiren Chandnani Nirbhay Pherwani