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A react based weather app for forecasting 5 days of weather data using Open Weather Maps
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WeatherFox (Built with React)

Instructions to Setup the Application

If you want to try it out in developer mode

npm install 
npm start 

If you wish to serve the app

npm install
npm run build
npm install -g serve
serve -s build

NPM Packages Used

  • react-select-async-paginate (@rsap) - Search based Select for cities in USA, France and Russia by filtering the bulk cities downloaded json from Open Weather Map.
  • react-select (@reactselect) - Implemented 3hr time selector for each of the 5 days. Refer time-slot-selector component to learn more.
  • react-bootstrap (@reactbootstrap) - Used widely in the app for creating an aesthetically appealing interface.
  • react-card-carousel (@cardcarousel) - Used this to display the weather cards in a carousel.
  • react-icons (@icons) - Used this for footer icons.
  • react-icons-weather (@weathericons) - Icon package that supports Open Weather Maps icon ids received from the API.
  • moment (@moment) - For manipulating time for the city selected.
  • moment-timezone (@momenttimezone) - For local time zone for the city selected.
  • axios (@axios) - For making api calls.
  • recharts (@recharts) - Recharts plot for weather data points
  • react-leaflet (@reactleaflet) - For plotting locations map for city selected


This project is licensed under the MIT License - see the file for details


Acknowledgements and Mentions:

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