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This is an implementation of a Wake on Lan API server written in Node JS based on express.

What is it?

It aims to be a small server you can keep on 24/7 on a low powered device in your Home/Small office environment, for the occasions in which you need to access remotely your main machine, but it's off.


I'm developing this project just to have an excuse to use the Raspberry Pi and to scratch the proverbial itch. I'm still learning to code, so expect buggy and messy code. If anyone wants to join in the development, you're welcome to open issues and submit pull requests to show me where I'm going totally wrong.

Preparing the Raspberry Pi

Much of the work is based on the arp command, which is not installed by default on the Raspberry. To get it installed you need to install the net-tools package

sudo apt install net-tools

On the Raspberry PI install nodejs with the following command

sudo apt install nodejs npm

How to test it

Clone this repo, install its dependencies and you should be set:

git clone
cd piwol-server
npm install

Get yourself a ristretto while it installs (right now not many dependencies) and then

npm run dev


  • Integrate a logging middleware, perhaps morgan?
  • Finish up the API, but first, need to build the frontend


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