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Version Manager Library

The Version manager library (VMLib) is a generic library to handle semantic versioning as specified at In addition to complying with semantic versioning v2.0.0, it adds additional API calls to bump the major, minor and patch versions as well as handle distinct types of releases (development, alpha, beta, release candidate, final as well as a custom type)

Public API

VMLib has the following public CLI interface

init <name> - Initializes the version tracker

This creates a new version tracker library for the project named . It initializes the version number to 0.1.0 and the release type to :development and the release number to 0. If the project has already been intialized, then raises VMLibInitError.

bump major - Bumps the major version

This will increment the major version by 1, while simultaneously setting the minor version and patchlevel to 0.

bump minor - Bumps the minor version

This will increment the minor version by 1 and reset the patch level to 0.

bump patch - Bumps the patch level

This will increment the patch level by 1.

bump type - Bumps the prerelease type to the next higher release type

This will bump the prerelease type up to the next higher release type, i.e., development -> alpha -> beta -> release candidate -> final. The corresponding release number is also set to 1. If the release type is already final or custom, it will raise VMLib::Errors::BumpError.

bump pre, bump prerelease

This will bump the release number by 1 if the prerelease type is development, alpha, beta or release candidate. If the release type is :final it will raise VMLib::Errors::BumpError. If the release type is custom, it will take the last field of relcustom and if numeric, it will bump it, otherwise, it will raise VMLib::Errors::BumpError.

set pre, set prerelease

This will set the prerelease information as specified by the user.

set build

This will set the build information as specified by the user.


This takes in an optional format string for printing the version information. If the format string is not specified, it will revert to the default, however, if the format string is tag, then it will print the tag format.


This command will search for all source files beginning with the string version and will update them to match with the primary version number set by the bump routine. It will also generate a Git commit for the changed files.


This command will generate a Git tag with the version specified by the version number file.

Release Types

VMLib supports the following release types, in order

  • development
  • alpha
  • beta
  • release candidate
  • final
  • custom