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documentation / Writing Policies

Writing Policies

A Kyverno policy contains a set of rules. Each rule matches resources by kind, name, or selectors.

apiVersion :
kind : Policy
metadata :
  name : policy
spec :
  # Each policy has a list of rules applied in declaration order
    # Rules must have a unique name
    - name: "check-pod-controller-labels"      
      # Each rule matches specific resource described by "resource" field.
        - Deployment
        - StatefulSet
        - DaemonSet
        # A resource name is optional. Name supports wildcards * and ?
        name: "*"
        # A resoucre selector is optional. Selector values support wildcards * and ?
                app: mongodb
                - {key: tier, operator: In, values: [database]}

     # Each rule can contain a single validate, mutate, or generate directive

Each rule can validate, mutate, or generate configurations of matching resources. A rule definition can contain only a single mutate, validate, or generate child node. These actions are applied to the resource in described order: mutation, validation and then generation.

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