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COWARD - The C̲rypto-O̲bscured Forw̲a̲r̲d̲er (***Abandoned project, rewrite is in order***)
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                  COWARD - The Crypto-Obscured Forwarder

                Copyright (C) 2018 Rui NI <>


COWARD is a tool allowing you to transfer data secretly even when external env-
ironment (i.e. Network) is challenging.

With extendability in mind, this project also let you extend it with just few
steps, so you can easily develop your own data wrap and obscure method without
too many knowledge on network communication and programming.


Before start to using this project, please checkout it's current status to make
sure the version of your choice is healthy enough.

 - Build status:

 - Unit Test coverage:


To download and compile this project, please install Go programming language,
then, on your console, type-in following commands:

 > mkdir coward
 > cd coward
 > export GOPATH=$(pwd)
 > go get -u

If everything is working correctly, COWARD will be automatically downloaded and
compiled for you.

To get started, continue to type-in following commands in previous console:

 > cd bin
 > ./coward

After that, a help screen will be displayed. Please follow those instructions to
select and configure the feature which you like to use.

Download binary file

If you prefer, you can download automatically compiled object files and execute
them directly on your computer.

To download object file directly, please visit:

However, you must to understand that those object files was built automatically,
none of it is verified by us, so we can't guarantee it's safety. You have to try
it on your own risk.

We recommend you to compile this application from source code by yourself so you
can actually check if your distribution is secured.

Continue Develop

COWARD is designed to be extended. If you want to add new or alter existing
features, please checkout those documents within program codes and the Wiki.

If you decided to publish your own work which based on COWARD, please notice
this project is released under GPL licence.

Please also notice we will not accept Pull Requests except for those which
intend to fix bugs. Please maintain your fork as if it is one of your own
project and feel free to share it with others.


            NOTICE: This is not a user-facing project, meaning
            Help Support of this project is right next to none

        Do not use this project if you don't have decent knowledge
                        on how to use a computer.

This project is completely a part-time hobby, thus only limited support will be

 - Code quality related issues:
   Missing document, faulty comments, bad format and code style. Please point
   out the bad code/doc (file name and line) in order to get it fixed.
   Fix when free time ocurred

 - Bugs, unexpected behaviors, design flaws
   Please provide file name and line of the bad code to get it fixed.
   Fix immediately

 - Problem on extending or continue developing COWARD
   I'm glad to help you with that. Although, adding new function to COWARD will
   be something highly unlikely.

Please notice if you can't provide any clue of the problem and you can't repro-
duce the issue by yourself, your request will simpley be ingnored.
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