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Build a Docker Image for Tor proxy plus obfs4 and meek, from their source code
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Dockerized Tor Proxy

The Dockerfile that builds a Tor Proxy from offical source code.


  • Tor, compiled from the source, shorter chain of trust.
  • obfs4 and meek Pluggable Transport has been installed out of the box, waiting be enabled by custom setting.
  • Support multi platform (amd64, arm32v7 tested).


You need to install Docker in order to use this Image. To do so, please refer to the official document

Once Docker is installed, please following these steps to start your Tor Proxy:

Prepare the Configuration

By default, the Tor Proxy will run at it's default configuration, which may be indesirable for your situation.

You can find the full configuration at the official web site of the Tor Project, or here:

Download and modify the configuration to fit your need, then save it as a file, tor.conf for this example.

Download the Image and start running the proxy

Next, ask Docker to download and run the Image with the configuration file we just created, namely tor.conf. The command is simple as following:

$ docker run --detach \
  --restart=always \
  --publish 9050:9050 \
  --name tor-proxy \
  --env TOR_CUSTOM_CONFIGURATION="$(cat tor.conf)" \

This will download our Image, and load it into a Container named tor-proxy. The Tor Proxy will be safely running inside this Container.


If you wanted to, you can also build this Image by yourself.

To download this repository, use git:

$ git clone
$ cd docker-tor

Then start to build by using command:

$ docker build --tag tor .

Optionally, if needed, you can set HTTP_PROXY environment value for the build proccess:

$ docker build --tag tor --build-arg HTTP_PROXY=http://localhost:8118 .

This way, the build script will use the specified proxy to download necessary files when possible.


I don't provide any support on this, unless there is something wrong with my code or configuration. Please use it at your own risk and help yourself out.

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