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@niruix niruix released this Feb 12, 2020

Version 0.2.0-beta-release

Following updates is included since the last release 0.1.15-beta-release

  • 9b2513c Clean up code inside the configuration loaders - (NI) 4AC3E3D5FDD208F7 U
  • 921b887 Adjust message text for ErrAccessControlDialTargetHostNotAllowed - (NI) 4AC3E3D5FDD208F7 U
  • 9f31ca5 Add description about how to configure Presets through enviroment variable - (NI) 4AC3E3D5FDD208F7 U
  • 55b570f Add padding around the remote import tip - (NI) 4AC3E3D5FDD208F7 U
  • 573ae2e Upgrade front-end dependencies - (NI) 4AC3E3D5FDD208F7 U
  • e0a24df Upgrade backend dependencies - (NI) 4AC3E3D5FDD208F7 U
  • aa99be6 Fix typo in - (NI) 4AC3E3D5FDD208F7 U
  • e74ebc5 Remove darwin/386 from .travis prebuild list since Go will remove it soon - (NI) 4AC3E3D5FDD208F7 U
  • 67c99e3 Implemented the host name auto suggestion, and added Preset feature - (NI) 4AC3E3D5FDD208F7 U
  • 0a930d1 Fixed tabindex and add support for input suggestion to Connector Wizard - (NI) 4AC3E3D5FDD208F7 U
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